You're all winners. . .

by Daniel H. Steinberg

but only A J Craft gets to take home a 30GB iPod Fifth Generation.

O'Reilly had a great week at MacWorld last week. It seemed as if our authors and editors were everywhere. Our booth was a hub of activity with presentations and tons of new books to show (ask the folks manning the booth - it was tons).

While all that was going on we officially launched our Podcasting page and gave away an iPod. You can review the contest rules but basically we scanned badges of MacWorld attendees all week while the expo floor was open. When the smoke had cleared A J Craft was our winner.

So what's all this you're all winners stuff. Just empty words to make you feel better? Mostly. But also, now that we've officially launched the podcasting page you'll see more regular content. Maybe you noticed our reports from MacWorld featuring MacDevcenter editor Derrick Story talking about iPhoto or with Senior book editor Chuck Toporek talking about the Intel machines.