YouTube + TV = ...?

by Tom Bridge

Well, the TV update is out, the one so heavily hyped to include YouTube content on your TV. I had expected it, like so many other Apple device updates, to be done from the iTunes control panel, but it's actually buried in Settings in the main menu of the TV itself. The update itself is fairly painless, but at the end, you've got an TV that can pull down H.264 video directly from YouTube and display on your HDTV.

The quality? Well, it's pretty good. In a lot of cases, it's as good as the network videos that you get from the iTunes Store. Of course, much depends on how it was shot to begin with, but what began life as choppy crappy flash video has turned into something really watchable on my 30" Samsung.

The one big issue, though, is getting everything re-encoded. A couple videos that I could find on the YouTube site hadn't made it out to the TV just yet. That's going to be the chokepoint for the coming weeks and the adoption of YouTube on the Television set.


Tom Boucher
2007-06-21 06:56:46
yeah of my 20 or so favorites only about 6 were available. Searching for some videos I'd found in the last day or two hadn't found them yet either. The search interface is a bit of a pain, some days I wish they'd just do a qwerty keyboard and rely on some of our memory of typing to help. When it's an alphabetical string it makes me look longer and slow down.