You've got Twitters

by Giles Turnbull

So Twitter is suddenly the hot web meme of the moment, and I’m a Twitterin’ with the best of them. And it’s fun.

But I don’t like keeping a browser window open just for browsing and posting Twitters; and I don’t tend to have a compatible IM app open very often either. I’ve been on the hunt for something that’ll do the same job, but unobtrusively.


Ben Ward
2006-11-30 05:57:28
Well I'm touched to have created something 'Remotely Useful'. I share your feeling that Dashboard, much of the time, doesn't really justify the overhead (although mine is full of post-it notes today). For Twitgit I disliked how obtrusive their Jabber IM integration was and wanted something similar (the message stream and posting) but less in-my-face.

So, one week on are you still using it?

I'm vaguely working on an update, to fix a few stability issues and add the much promised scroll bars and click-able hyperlinks. I'm also hoping that Twitter extend their API a little. Currently the data feeds contain every single post from the last 24 hours (hundreds). To display just 5-10, that's a touch inefficient!