Z3Lab: Zope 3 on a PowerBook vs. Mac mini

by Todd Ogasawara

Z3Lab's Philipp von Weitershausen picked up and configured an Intel-based Mac mini to take over to his parents. Before, he did, however, he installed Zope 3 on the mini and ran the Zope test suite on it and a Powerbook G4. The end result: The Python-based Zope 3 runs about twice as fast on a Mac mini compared to a Powerbook G4.


Todd Ogasawara
2006-03-31 08:32:46
mando: Although I'm one of those people that caused the Ruby/Rails book sales spike Tim O'Reilly frequently mentions in presentations and interviews, I'm also a huge Python/Zope/Plone fan too. Anyone interested in the Zope application server may want to take a look at the Plone content management system (CMS) that can be added on to sit on top of Zope. If you scroll down to the bottom of Plone.org you can see a video made by my mini-team four years ago. We used it internally to promote the idea of using Zope/Plone to build our Intranet Portal. Plnoe provides an easy ready-to-run binary installer for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and SUSE Linux. The Zope source-code install is also simple and painless. Zope has its own object database (ZODB). So, there is no need to install a database engine to get started (although it can work with a relational database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or others if desired).