Ziggy Stardust, Lord of the Rings, waferbaby, ACTE3, and the O'Reilly Network

by Terrie Miller

Related link: http://sxsw.com/interactive/web_awards/finalists/

What do these sites have in common? All are SXSW Web Awards Finalists for 2004 in the Classic category:

If you're not familiar with the SXSW Web awards, here's how they work: sites can be nominated in a wide variety of categories, but the focus is on sites which have been launched during the previous year. Only the "Classic" category can include sites which have been around longer. And now that the finalists have been selected and announced, voting begins for the People's Choice awards, an additional award based purely on web voting. You can vote once a day until March 5, so surf on over and support your favorite site! Winners will be announced at SXSW on March 14.

It can be quite entertaining to browse among the finalists in all categories, too. While you're there, don't forget to check out the "Bits and Bytes" on the SXSW Interactive home page, where SXSW speakers answer questions in a sort of "preview panel" leading up to the interactive conference, March 12-16.

Of course, those of us behind the scenes at the O'Reilly Network are thrilled to be in such good company. It's a real tribute to our fine authors and webloggers, and the lively community of members who comment in the talkbacks.