Zippety zappety

by Giles Turnbull

There's an inevitable consequence of being a professional reviewer and tester of software: your computer gets jammed up with a lot of gunk.

I'm constantly checking my Applications folder in an attempt to keep it as clean as possible. I'm not short of disk space - just over half full - but I want to keep things clean. So unless an app is something I use, I ditch it.

But keeping things clean means going slightly further than that, doesn't it? Most apps leave behind some detritus, bits of data lurking in dark corners of your hard disk. There's little chance of these will actually do any harm. The only inconvenience is the (usually small) bit of disk space they occupy, which for most people will never be any problem.

I could, if I could be bothered, manually hunt down the detritus files and delete them myself. I've done it before.

But you know what? Life's too short. Unlike John Gruber (see his comments about Mac uninstallers about half-way down) I'd much rather pay 10 bucks for Appzapper and have it do all the hunting for me. A few days ago, that's exactly what I did; and I've been happily zapping unwanted software ever since. Zip! Zap! Pow! Foof!


2006-02-04 17:30:21
what a waste of time and money and effort. who cares about a few kilobytes of harmless files?