Zopeur.org interviews Zope products designers

by Todd Ogasawara

Related link: http://zopeur.org/interviews

Zope continues to be one of my favorite tools. However, Zope out of the virtual box is not a complete toolkit for me. Zopeur.org conducted brief interviews with 7 (so far) authors of some of the Zope products that start to fill out the toolbox (including one of my favorite Zope products: ZWiki).

For those who missed it, there is also an interview with Plone.org's Limi and Runyan on OSDir.com: Interview with Plone: Back from Comdex from last year.

Zope product developers do not seem to get much press outside of the Zope community. If you know of other interviews with Zope devs, please post it here.


2004-11-05 06:20:23
Zope products list
Great list of the ready for use Zope products can be found on content management software info