Zorba XQuery Processor: Something Tells Me You Need To Pay Attention To This

by M. David Peterson

So I got a ping from William Candillon yesterday on IM, but I wasn't around so am just now getting in sync with him today. He and I had a discussion about a year or so back regarding a potential internship with Dana Florescu, you know, the primary mastermind behind the XQuery language. Well, fast forward to a year or so later and it turns out that through a collaborative cross-organizational effort, the following folks,

Cezar Andrei
Vinayak Borkar
Matthias Brantner
Nicolae Brinza
William Candillon
Dana Florescu
David Graf
Donald Kossmann
Tim Kraska
Dan Muresan
Sorin Nasoi
Daniel Turcanu
Markos Zaharioudakis

... got together and created,


2008-05-01 05:12:13
M. David,
I have been trying to find someone to use the domains xQuery.Org or xQuery.Net . Kurt was interested, but I guess he is to busy now

If ANYONE knows someone that would like to use these domains for FREE - please contact me! Any help would be appreciated!


2008-05-01 07:00:47
Can someone provide some comparison with Saxon? Is the big difference C++ vs Java/.NET?
M. David Peterson
2008-05-01 13:16:26

Not sure who, but no doubt somebody will want to take you up on the offer, and this is certainly the place to find interested parties. ;-)

M. David Peterson
2008-05-01 13:22:57

At this stage of the game, given that Zorba was literally just released yesterday, I'm not sure if any comparisons will exist. That said, there are two primary reasons why I think this project should be something to keep an eye on,

1) As you point out, it's written in C++, so there's a good chance it's going to be pretty fast.
2) It's being developed by a *ROCKSTAR* group of coders including the core creator of the XQuery language itself.

Given the above two facts, I wouldn't be surprised if Zorba quickly becomes the baseline benchmark that everyone else uses to compare their own products against. Every product is going to have it's advantages, so they'll all find ways to highlight what they feel makes them better suited for a particular task. But this project has all of the makings of becoming the standard XQuery engine, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what takes place.

Time will tell... :)