Zune Appearing on Nov. 14 for US$249.99

by Todd Ogasawara

The Microsoft press release says that the Zune will be available on Nov. 14 for $249.99. They priced the 30GB device the same as Apple's 30GB iPod. The release highlights its unique features including...


2006-09-28 12:05:11
Speaking of subscriptions, I think subscriptions are what will kill their drm. That's essentially why they're trying to sue the FairUse4WM author. I also think that the lack of subscriptions is a wise move for Apple. If you have to support subscriptions, then it's that much more appealing to remove the drm and that much more costly to have hackable drm. So it's not so much that Apple disagrees with the notion that consumers want subscription services, it's that subscriptions have a huge hidden cost, as Microsoft is beginning to find out.