Zune Listening Tip^for Hackers #1 :: Tool: 10,000 Days

by M. David Peterson

Step #1) If you haven't already, repent of your sins and go an pick up Tool: 10,000 Days from your favorite local or online retailer.

Step #2) Pick up a pair of Sennheiser PMX100 headphones**. (local retail directory)

Step #3) Change the equalizer setting on your Zune to "acoustic". If you don't already own a Zune... REPENT!!!

Step #4) Set the volume level to a comfortable factor of "loud" (whatever that might mean to you.)

Step #5) Endulge in an orgy of sound like you've never endulged before while you hack, hack, hack the night (or day if you write code during the day and still believe you qualify as a hacker ;-)) away.

Youuuu'rrre Welcome. ;-)

** Just trust me on this one.


scotty c
2007-05-25 15:22:23
If you dont feel like throwing down 50 bucks, for 25, get the Sennheiser HD202s