Zune.net goes live

by Erica Sadun

Microsoft's Zune.net is now up and running. There's not much to see there--mostly ad copy, pretty content-free. Speaking of Zunes, new Zunes will include a two week Zune Pass trial. From the Walmart product page:

Receive a free 14 day trial of a Zune Pass subscription with the purchase of a Zune. After 14 days purchase of Zune Pass is required to continue accessing songs you've downloaded during the trial. See trial card for offer details. www.zune.net. Valid in the 50 U.S., D.C., and Puerto Rico.


2006-11-02 11:07:01
So does anyone know if ZunIeTunes just going to be a website, or will it be integrated into their media player?
2006-11-02 13:42:48
Er... I know as Apple fans we can tend to get a bit obsessed about The Rivalry, but does this really have anything to do with the Mac? At all? Will I be able to use a Zune on a Mac?
Erica Sadun
2006-11-03 09:55:11
Pauldwaite: I haven't been able to get my hands on a prototype yet, so I'm not sure. I'll certainly be trying to make the Mac connection happen!