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O'Reilly .NET Directory

The O'Reilly .NET directory lists companies, projects and initiatives in this emerging area. Please let us know if you have updates or additions to this list. Email:

.NETUnit is an implementation of Kent Beck and Erich Gamma's XUnit testing framework (http://www.xprogramming.com/software.htm).

A .NET testing framework inspired by JUnit (www.junit.org).

DeKlarit is a Visual Studio .NET Add-In that focus in helping the developer build the data and business layers of the applications (i.e., in a 3 tiered architecture application, the 2nd and 3rd layers). It is like a RAD for the middle tier components and the database.

Dot GNU (.GNU)
The DotGNU Project is really a meta-project that will consist of between ten and twenty subprojects. The main components of DotGNU are the DotGNU Platform and the DotGNU Virtual Identities system. DotGNU will be a complete replacement for the .NET strategy - it will not be a Free Software implementation of .NET.

A collection of application building blocks built on top of .NET.

A compound file implementation for .NET.

Genghis is a set of extensions built on top of .NET and integrated with WinForms to provide application-level services in the same flavor as the Microsoft Foundation Classes.

Halcyon Software's Java.NET project lets developers either migrate their ASP or Visual Basic code to JSP or Java, respectively, or to deploy applications on Java-based infrastructures.

Ximian's Mono project is an effort to create a free software (sometimes called open source) implementation of the .NET Development Framework. It will include code and tools that will enable the .NET Framework (i.e, ASP, ADO, FCL, etc.)to work with Linux and other OS.

NAnt is a .NET based build tool. In theory it is kind of like make without make's wrinkles. In practice it's a lot like Ant (http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/).

Nareau Project
Nareau developers do not see the need to create an entire new framework, as is being done by both Mono and DotGNU. Instead, Nareau plans to make use of the many tools and protocols that already exist. Thus, the project will be built on top of Web services components like: Server software: Apache, parts of Zope, Jabber, Jakarta Client software: Mozilla, Komodo Protocols: SOAP, Kerberos.

NUnit is a .NET port of Kent Beck and Erich Gamma's JUnit (www.junit.org). NUnit is a framework for writing repeatable tests in any .NET language.

An SMTP component written in C#.

Perl for .NET Research is the result of a research project, creating a native code compiler for Perl to the Microsoft .NET Framework. The status of this compiler is experimental; it also supports just a subset of the language.

A portable .NET implementation. It will include tools, compilers, and runtime support. For portability, the runtime will use an interpreter instead of a JIT.

Python for .NET Research is currently an exploratory implementation of the Python language for the .NET Framework. The archive includes general documentation on the project itself, documentation and complete source code.

Sharp Egg
An IRC bot written in C#.

A lightweight IDE for C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, and HTML. It includes a class browser and syntax highlighting.

X Marks the DOT
A collection of XML-related projects written in C#.

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