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Controversial Patents

Click on the patent number in the Lookup column to examine the patent in IBM's Patent Database.

Title Holder Date Issued Summary Lookup
One-Click Ordering Amazon 09/28/1999 Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network 5960411
Indexing the Web Digital/CMGI January 26, 1999 This patent, "a method for parsing, indexing and searching world wide web pages," is the Altavista patent for web crawlers, spiders and robots. 5864863
Affiliate Program Amazon 02/22/2000 Internet-based referral system that enables individuals and other business entities ('associates') to market products, in return for a commission, that are sold from a merchant's website 6029141
XPointer Sun Microsystems Aug. 19, 1997 This "method and system for implementing hypertext scroll attributes" was obtained by Jakob Nielsen and Sun Microsystems. Sun claims that this patent affects the W3C's Xpointer activity. 5659729
Style Sheets Microsoft 01/12/1999 The use of style sheets in an electronic publishing system 5860073
P3P Intermind 01/19/1999 Computer-based communication system and method using metadata defining a control structure. (P3P is "Platform for Privacy Preferences") 5862325
WAP GeoWorks 07/05/1994 A flexible user interface for mobile communications devices 5327529
Web-page Downloading Sony 11/02/1999 Apparatus for and method of automatically downloading and storing internet web pages. 5978807
Embedded Hypermedia Michael Doyle, UC Regents 11/17/1998 Distributed hypermedia method for automatically invoking external application providing interaction and display of embedded objects within a hypermedia document. 5838906
Error Handling MCI 10/26/1999 Hierarchical error reporting system 5974568
Web Advertising Double Click, Inc. 09/07/99 Method of Delivery, Targeting, and Measuring Advertising over Networks 5948061
GIF Unisys 12/10/1985 High speed data compression and decompression apparatus and method 4558302
Selling Airline Tickets Priceline 04/27/1999 Method and apparatus for the sale of airline-specified flight tickets 5897620
Web User Tracking Across Sites Infonautics 01/27/1998 Method and apparatus for attaching navigational history information to universal resource locator links on a world wide web page 5712979
E-commerce Tracking Stephen Dale Messer 11/23/1999 Data processing system for integrated tracking and management of commerce related activities on a public access network 5991740
Display of Spherical Images (VR) Interactive Pictures Corporation 11/23/1999 Method and apparatus for the interactive display of any portion of a spherical image 5990941
Stateless Shopping Cart Sun Microsystems 04/28/1998 Stateless shopping cart for the Web 5745681
E-commerce Sales Open Market 02/03/1998 Network sales system 5715314
One-Button Sync 3Com 12/07/1999 Extendible method and apparatus for synchronizing multiple files on two different computer systems 6000000
Y2K Fixes Bruce Dickens, McDonnell Douglas 10/08/1998 Date formatting and sorting for dates spanning the turn of the century 5806063

If you know of controversial patents that we should add to our list, send them to Dale Dougherty.


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