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Spot for BlackBerry Releases New Version
Skylab Mobilesystems releases an update to the excellent Spot for BlackBerry software package.
- Dave Mabe [ Feb. 09, 2006 05:46 AM | Subject(s): Wireless , Location, GIS, Wireless | Permalink]

Consumer-Grade Cell Phone Stalking
From The Guardian: "For the past week I've been tracking my girlfriend through her mobile phone. I can see exactly where she is, at any time of day or night, within 150 yards, as long as her phone is on. It has been very interesting to find out about her day. Now I'm going to tell you how I did it."
- Sid Steward [ Feb. 02, 2006 11:39 AM | Subject(s): Location, GIS , Hacks | Permalink]

MapServer Foundation kick-off
The creation of a non-profit organisation around MapServer web mapping technologies has been a dream of mine for a couple of years. No longer do you need to listen to my perennial pining about the need for an independent, non-profit, support organisation for the MapServer community. It is finally being launched with some strong momentum and promising support.
- Tyler Mitchell [ Nov. 28, 2005 06:37 AM | Subject(s): Location, GIS , Apache, Community, Emerging Technology, General, Linux, Location, GIS, MySQL, ONLamp, Open Source, Perl, PHP, Python, Software Development, Web, Web Development | Permalink]

UFOs and Dating
In Peter Morville's article, Ubiquitous Findable Objects, he talks about "a world of UFOs, [where] personal metadata that describes our interests, histories, possessions, and relationships will be very important." This personal metadata--in the form of body tags--would create a "bibliographic record" of each of us.
- Tara McGoldrick Walsh [ Nov. 23, 2005 02:41 PM | Subject(s): General , Community, Databases, Emerging Technology, General, Location, GIS, Policy, RFID, Technology & Society | Permalink]

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