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1stWorks 1stworks Corporation provides an interactive peer-to-peer collaboration platform that is based on its own patented peer network addressing technology and content management architecture. The company's hotComm client enables drag and drop file sharing, instant messaging, interactive text messaging, voice connections and web tours between participating hotComm users on the Web. hotComm supports multiple communication modes including "Text Messaging" that transmits every single word separately so that the message builds dynamically in front of the recipient and Voice features that direct audio connections between hotComm users.

IM-Live is a component of hotComm that provides immediate, serverless, Internet-based Messaging for sales and service applications, using a Java applet to create a direct, real time connection to customers or prospects. ezPeer provides the platform's dynamic addressing capabilities. See the hotComm User Guide for more details.
AudioFind AudioFind maintains web based Peer-To-Peer (P2P) network search services. AudioFind.com is a searchable directory of MP3 and other audio files that crawls the Internet for updated content on a daily basis. Gnute Network Search is a searchable directory that allows users to locate and download audio, image, movie and software files located on the Gnutella P2P network. Both search services employ the Engage privacy service to protect the privacy of users via browser ads that do not collect personal information and permission-based e-mail.
BadBlue BadBlue's line of server products is designed to transform any client workstation into a powerful, search-enabled web server with built-in security features for creating and managing user accounts and passwords and restricting access to shared areas and virtual directories. The BadBlue system also provides users with the ability to share Microsoft Office files such as Excel spreadsheets and Word documents in real time, and supports CGI, ISAPI, PHP and popular web extensions. The BadBlue core small footprint server is only 65k and was designed for use within mobile and embedded devices. A version of the BadBlue Personal Edition is freely available for the Windows 95, 98, ME and NT 4 platforms. Two white papers, A Standards-based, P2P Approach to Marketplaces and Exchanges and BadBlue Platform Approach: A Web Server in every device, provide more details about the company's technology strategy.
CareScience, Inc. Care Data Exchange is CareScience, Inc.'s peer-to-peer technology that enables the exchange of information between healthcare organizations by providing highly secure, real-time Internet access to clinical results, patient demographics, medical records and other critical data. The system uses Intel's IAS (Internet Authentication Services) for its managed authentication services, and its risk assessment technologies are based on the Corporate Hospital Rating Project rules library developed at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and rules libraries developed by The Wharton School of Business. CareScience, Inc. offers its public data benchmarking product, CaduCIS Net, free of charge to all hospitals, physician groups, health systems and plans.
Clip2 Clip2 Distributed Search Solutions (Clip2 DSS) develops and provides technical data and research for the Gnutella developer and end user communities. The company also recently released the Clip2 Reflector, a proxy server with indexing capabilities designed to operate as a "super peer" that works in conjunction with one or more Gnutella servents to enable a "brokered peer-to-peer" networking model. Although the actual file transfer is still handled directly between peers, the rationale is that using a network management application to broker the search requests improves network performance overall. The Java-based application requires a Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE), Standard Edition, Version 1.3.0 (or equivalent) and is compatible with all software implementing version 0.4 of the Gnutella protocol.
Eudora Qualcomm's e-mail client, Eudora, integrates P2P technology into its existing e-mail services. Users running Eudora can share and synchronize files within a directory on their local machine. The Eudora client uses "ESP" (Eudora Sharing Protocol) to insure that each user has the most recently updated files and information when files are transferred to other clients within a defined user group. Eudora supports all standard e-mail features, including the ability to import data from other mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger. Eudora is available in three different distribution "modes". A FAQ and white paper are also available.
Fatbubble, Inc. Fatbubble is an instant messaging and file sharing client that's all about "hanging out" with your digital buddies. The creators of Fatbubble are major web surfers and IM users who wanted to create a system for sharing recommendations on local restaurants and entertainment in addition to the normal IM and file sharing features (IM tools, browsers, e-mail, and phone service). With Fatbubble, users can check out each other's bookmarks, music and book collections, and social calendars, or find out if any of your friends' friends happen to be at the same party. The company plans to make its services available to PDAs and mobile phones in the near future.
File Rogue, Inc. File Rogue, Inc. is the developer of File Rogue, a Java based Peer-To-Peer file sharing client application and service for Windows, Macintosh or Linux. File Rogue users must create an account for themselves (free) and then create a "Personal Catalogue" of files. The list is uploaded to the "Global Catalogue" on the File Rogue Server. At launch time, the user may perform searches of the catalog of shared files or browse through categories. Instant messaging service is also available. Users are required to download and install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which requires about 13Mb of memory, in addition to that required by the client.
Filetopia Bitmap Multimedia is the developer of Filetopia, a free communications software that includes instant messaging, chat, e-mail, a powerful distributed file sharing system with a search engine, an online friends list and message boards. Filetopia's file sharing tool includes public key encryption and a choice of strong ciphers to protect the IP addresses of its users.
Frontcode Technologies Frontcode Technologies develops the WinMX application, a Win32 Napster protocol client. The program offers file sharing, chat, simultaneous connection to multiple networks, operation behind SOCKS4/5 (Socket Secure 4 and 5) and Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) based networks, and intelligent queuing options. WinMX also supports any file type, allowing access to a diverse assortment of shared files, including video.
FurthurNet FurthurNet is a Gnutella-based P2P music cataloging and trading network. About 400 bands, including the Grateful Dead and Phish, have given permission for recordings (typically of live performances) to be traded legally.

The Java-based system employs Packet Chain Protocol (PCP), which enables cascading downloads, and Antelope, which allows the same file to be downloaded from multiple hosts, to improve downloading performance. Beta version 1.5.9 or later of the free Furthur client is required for Phish downloads. (The band withdrew permission because of the availability of some unauthorized material on the network, and renewed when the problem with the software was addressed to the band's liking.)

In addition to distributed file sharing, Furthur offers chat, detailed music cataloging and the ability to search on a large number of attributes. Furthur requires a Java 2 runtime environment and provides clients for Windows, MacOS X and Linux. The client software is distributed under a non-commercial, open source license.
Gnotella Gnotella is a distributed real time search and file-sharing program run from a user's desktop as a client and a server (a "servent") on the Gnutella peer-to-peer network. Gnotella allows users to interface directly with each other with no intermediate, central authority, and search for and share any type of digital file (audio, video, word processing documents, recipes, games, and text files). The Gnotella client is designed for the Windows environment and offers features such as multiple simultaneous searches, resumption of partial or failed downloads, improved filtering/spam protection, bandwidth monitoring, enhanced statistics, upload throttling, skinning and other features.

Gnotella's open architecture allows for the program to be customized to target consumer and business communities. Gnotella's parent company, Petapeer Holdings, Inc., will continue to distribute the program freely while it develops a committed user base. Once that user base is in place, the company plans to begin charging for Gnotella upgrades and deluxe features. Petapeer Holdings Inc. does not monitor the activity of, collect or sell information about the users on its network.
Gnutella Gnutella is a fully-distributed information-sharing technology. Each piece of Gnutella software is both a server and a client in one, because it supports bidirectional information transfer. Installing any of several available clients is all that is needed to become a fully functional Gnutella site. Then find a few other sites that are willing to communicate: some may be friends, while others may be advertised Gnutella sites. The client communicates directly only with the handful of sites that it's agreed to contact. Any material of interest to other sites is passed along from one site to another in store-and-forward fashion.

Gnutella is an open source project with clients registered under the GNU License.
Harmonic Invention Software Harmonic Invention Software's Direct File Express Private System of private filesharing servers have numerous security features built into them. All users uploading or downloading files must have a valid account, and permissions can be configured at the account, group or file level. A demonstration of the Direct Private File Trader product is available for download.
Hotline Connect Hotline is a P2P-Client/Server hybrid system for community building and file sharing that has been in operation since 1997. Hotline Connect is a suite which includes both a Hotline Client application and a Hotline Server application (available via separate downloads). Hotline works over any Internet or Intranet network and has capabilities similar to File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC), but using its own "Hotline Protocol". Features include resumable uploads and downloads, real time chat, newsgroup style forums, and streaming capabilities in numerous media and file formats. The program's search function is used to locate servers, rather than the files of individual users. The Hotline Client, which has approximately a million active users, provides an easy-to-use interface and small memory requirements (2 MB).
iMesh Ltd. iMesh is a free program and service that helps users find their favorite content over the Internet. iMesh Ltd. is attempting to provide a perfectly legal distribution channel for its user base by entering into distribution agreements with copyright holders. This makes it easier for its users to locate and obtain their desired files (photos, source files, homework, or home made videos, etc.).

The company's Legal Notice doesn't pull any punches about its software's complete lack of privacy protection or security features, going as far to suggest that users are placing themselves at an unusually high level of risk by using the software.
iNoize iNoize.com is a web-based application and music service that allows users to share music without infringing on the copyrights of music companies or their recording artists by "sharing" using a stream rather than actually creating a copy of the copyrighted material. The company has been collaborating intensely with the music industry on an e-commerce system that will benefit all parties involved by providing users with on-demand music, while providing music companies with a new venue for showcasing their music and offering an option to buy it.

Music on the iNoize network is organized in a three-tier streaming system (Artist - Album - Title) rather than the kinds of file-based systems used by other "sharing" networks. The music is streamed in real-time, using a secure, encrypted patent-pending framework which essentially eliminates the need or desire to copy by making the desired music selections accessible on demand. Playlists of favorite songs can be created using music from other iNoize.com members and users can creat playlists, share them with other users or even purchase their favorite CD's while on-line, if they choose. iNoize is available for download on the Windows 98, NT, 2000 (Version 1.10) and Linux (Intel)(Version 1.10). (A Macintosh version is on the way.) A tour of iNoize's service is also available.
Jibe Jibe has recently released its Enterprise File Sharing v 1.0 beta. Jibe customers can participate over a public network or set up a private secure P2P hub between suppliers or partners. Any storage system that can be accessed through JDBC or ODBC can participate, including Microsoft Access and Excel spreadsheets.

Jibe provides a Java servlet that can interpret the XML for each taxonomy and present a Web form to an end user. A Jibe application can run standalone, or a company licensing Jibe can store a single servlet on an internal Web server and let its employees do searches through their browsers. Users can simply type a string into the application's "GO FIND" box, and let Jibe do the retrieval, ranking, sorting and display. Jibe's storage format and taxonomies are both defined in XML. Support for JXTA is planned in the future.
Jungle Monkey Jungle Monkey is a Unix-based file sharing service developed by the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department University of Michigan. It's designed to let users create their own file-sharing channels, browse other users' channels, and "efficiently [use] bandwidth by finding the closest client with the file you want."
KaZaA KaZaA's P2P file sharing network allows users to search for and download audio, video, image and text files using one of three interfaces: the KaZaA Media Desktop Peer-To-Peer (P2P) client, KaZaA's Winamp Plug-in or the KaZaA.com web site. KaZaA's distributed network is "self-organizing" and features the ability to automatically transform more powerful clients into "SuperNodes" able to broker the search query requests of the weaker nodes on-demand. (See the FAQ for more technical details). The service is currently free, but KaZaA anticipates a small fee in the future in light of the lawsuits against Napster and Scour. KaZaA's core technology is based on KaZaAlib, a platform independent C++ library comprised of 59 functions. (The company has not yet formalized an open source development program.)
MangoSoft Mangosoft's suite of software solutions uses a patented technology known as "pooling" to address the needs of small businesses, workgroups and large enterprises. Pooling is a clustered caching technology that utilizes the network and resources on PC and workstations to deliver software services normally associated with servers.

Mangosoft's products include Cachelink, a software-based web caching product that increases the delivery speed of Internet and intranet content to end-users, and Mangomind, a business user file-sharing application.
Morpheus Morpheus, available from MusicCity Networks, Inc. is a distributed file-sharing network based on the KaZaA code base. (Morpheus and the KaZaA Media Desktop client provide uniquely-branded interfaces to different breeds of what amounts to the same underlying network.) Like Napster, Morpheus is a closed system that requires the use of a centralized user registration and logon system. However, Morpheus differs from Napster in that it does not maintain a central content index or subject its network to content filtering. The Windows-based Morpheus client is available for download and contains an embedded version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player.

See the OpenP2P.com article: "Morpheus Out of the Underworld" by Kelly Truelove and Andrew Chasin.
Myster Myster attempts to duplicate Napster in every way except for the fact that it uses a completely distributed system. Although very similar to Gnutella, Myster has many optimizations that make it easier to scale than Gnutella, including a self organizing network of peers that is able to channel to only query the nodes that are most likely to contain the desired files. For instance, if one server only has a great MP3 collection and no Movie files it will only receive requests for those files. The system is also expandable so that as the network aquires more nodes, more sub networks can be created to keep searches efficient, enabling networks to eventually be sub-divided into more well-defined categories as the size of the network increases.

Myster is written in Java and available via the GNU General Public License (GPL). A full working version in either Macintosh or Windows format is available along with documention and source code.
Napster Napster is on its way to becoming the world's largest secure file sharing network. Napster is paving the way for a new era of paid subscription services, courtesy of its new business partners: Bertelsmann AG, edel Music, TVT Records, America Online and Real Networks (MusicNet), its new technology partners: Loudeye, Gracenote, Relatable and its recently aquired Gigabeat. Napster's features include: a user-friendly interface, search capabilities, instant messaging, chat and Hot List User Bookmarks. You can still download the latest version of the Napster Client (Macintosh or Windows).

Napster claims to be taking the copyright issues it has brought so much attention to very seriously and has been ramping up on its technology over the last few months to that end. The company has been busy piecing together the technology required to enable an effective licensed media distribution network. Technology investments to date include several new acoustic fingerprinting technologies that will be used in conjunction with music databases to identify and track file usage on the Napster network. The Napster system is also now able to catch certain kinds of common filename variations that were traditionally able to circumvent its filtering processes in the past through the use of improved keyword filtering techniques. Napster has also implemented a new terms of use policy of discontinuing network access to anyone caught intentionally obscuring filenames. See the "Copyright Owners" section of its Copyright Policy for more details.
NextPage, Inc. NextPage's NXT 3 e-Content Platform provides some of the world's largest information-intensive corporations with their own customized peer-to-peer file-sharing network. The company's Tools and Applications provide enterprise-sized businesses with the ability to manage and share resources securely over a distributed network in real time, using a robust application architecture that was specifically-designed to be able to scale.
Ogg Vorbis Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general purpose compressed audio format for high quality audio and music (44.1-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) at fixed and variable bitrates from 16 to 128 kbps/channel that also has the ability to stream. This places it in the same class as MP3 and MPEG-4 audio files. Contrary to popular belief, MP3 is not an open format. Fraunhofer (and other MPEG consortium members) claim that it is impossible to create an mp3 encoder without infringing on their patents. MPEG-4, destined to be the next generation of internet audio, might be even more tightly controlled, and recent alliances between MPEG and the RIAA (which seeks to control all distribution) provide yet another reason to consider promoting an open source alternative.

Check it out for yourself. A download page lists the available plug-in players, encoders and development kits by platform (all are available on most platforms). For Windows developers, a Oggdrop - Drag and drop GUI encoder and a Ogg Vorbis Win32 SDK are available, as well as the Winamp, FreeAMP and Sonique players. FAQ and Documentation are available for more information.

Here are the details regarding the format's open source license: "Xiphophorus's Vorbis software libraries (libvorbis and vorbisfile) are distributed under a BSD-like license; these libraries may be used by any application, Open or proprietary, linked or incorporated in whole, so long as acknowldgement is made to Xiphophorus when using our codec source in whole or in derived works. See the file 'COPYING' in the source for all the details. All other portions of xiph.org's reference Vorbis software are distributed under the (GNU) General Public License (GPL)."
Ohaha Ohaha is an open-source initiative to create a new suite of protocols that enable file sharing in a decentralized but highly scalable way and make them accessible to average users. Most of Ohaha's contributors are from the Ukraine. A Win 95/98/2000 app is available for download from Ohaha.com
OnSystems, Inc. OnSystems, Inc. (formerly InterFriendly) develops software technology called Virtual Internet Networks (VINs) that allow people to create virtual networks between PCs over the Internet. Unlike networking technologies like Napster, VINs are private secure networks.
OpenNap OpenNap is an open source effort to create a version of the proprietary Napster server. OpenNap extends the Napster protocol to allow sharing of any media type, and the ability to link servers together. OpenNap is a server for connecting the clients together, and is not a client itself.
Pointera Pointera's primary product, the Pointera Sharing Engine, allows users to reliably find, download, and share any file format over a heterogeneous network through the Web, using a highly customizable, secure browser technology that is linearly and inexpensively scalable to handle extremely large datasets. As part of this technology, Pointera Sharing Engine can also be described as a super search engine, which allows users to do a meta-search which automatically checks other search engines as well. Pointera says its Sharing Engine includes the following options: create cluster groups for sharing files; syndicated, customized content feeds; online communities; e-commerce transactions related to customized content downloads and general search preferences.
Radio Userland Radio UserLand is a "personal radio station". It acts as a music organizer and player that lets people program music for themselves, and share their creations with others, over the Internet.

Radio UserLand also works as an HTTP server. Users can designate a folder they want to share; any playlists in that folder are available over the Web, to build community of people sharing lists of music they like. (Radio UserLand only distributes playlists and usage data in XML format. It cannot be used to distribute MP3 files or other types of media.)
Rapigator Rapigator, a Napster work-a-like designed for the OpenNap server to give users the ability to search on the Napster network for any file type. Rapigator also features support for resuming failed downloads, chat, bandwidth throttling and control, the ability to search multiple servers and server listing auto updating. The very small (483 KB) Rapigator client is available as a free download. A FAQ is also available for review.
Softwax GUTS Media LLC develops Softwax, a Peer-To-Peer file sharing application for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The software is primarily intended for licensing to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), portals, digital asset distributors, web sites, corporate intranets, and other locations where it's desirable to install a turnkey solution for adding P2P file sharing with security management. The company calls this focus "legitimate, niche file sharing". Users do not have unrestricted access to peer files in the secure environment.

The Softwax Broker component monitors each P2P transaction and authenticates it with a secure key. It also performs virus checking and can be set to disable infected files. Softwax can also employ filters for copyrighted materials. The system does not offer chat or instant messaging. The Softwax site includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) digest, and an online demonstration Softwax application called Shareshack, a P2P enabled e-zine for snowboarders that allows users to search for and download various media files. (Interacting with the demo requires a Windows based browser.)
Songbird Songbird is a client-side application specifically designed to work within the existing Napster network. Songbird is the latest offering of Media Enforcer LLC. Songbird is freely-available for download and also offers several artist-related features, such as enabling an artist to receive a "snapshot" of a song's popularity on the network. A recent Wired News article felt that the most useful of the program's features was its ability to create an Excel file of user names and files (although IP addresses are not provided). The Songbird FAQ claims the program is able to work effectively with many common song title variations (such as Aimster's Pig Encoder, etc.).
SongSpy, Inc. SongSpy is a free-music network whose members earn "Karma Points" by downloading files and making their own hard drives available to the network. (In the future, Karma Points will be redeemable towards SongSpy merchandise.) The freely-available SongSpy client includes an MP3 player and an intuitive, skinnable graphical user interface that currently only runs on Windows (although support for Mac and Linux is planned for future releases). SongSpy's own SnapDragon protocol combines a Napster-like centralized server with Gnutella-like distributed peers to create a hybrid network which utilizes the best file-sharing features of both models.
Spinfrenzy.com Spinfrenzy.com is a membership-based media-sharing site for MP3s and video clips. It includes forums and web site hosting. Targeted at the "Generation Y" market, they also plan to support a variety of shopping-related services.
Splooge, Inc. Splooge, Inc. develops the Splooge application, a centralized-server based Peer-To-Peer media sharing application that allows Splooge members to share their media files with other members online, as well as download any media they might be interested in from other members. The Splooge application communicates to the Splooge server system via Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and a proprietary protocol. Transfers are true Peer-To-Peer and do not travel through the Splooge servers.
Swaptor, Ltd. Swaptor, Ltd. is the developer of Swaptor, a Windows application for Peer-To-Peer sharing of all file types. Swaptor organizes users into interest groups, and like minded communities link for file sharing opportunities. The service is currently ad-based. The Swaptor application offers resumable downloads, chat, buddy lists, private messages, remote user info, file search and OpenNap support. It runs on Windows 95/98/ME/2000.
Thinkstream Thinkstream's distributed information and e-commerce platform and Tadaaa! client software provide small to medium-sized merchants with the tools to configure and organize a "public information network" (online marketplace) quickly, easily and without requiring any substantial modifications to their existing network infrastructure. Thinkstream's own online marketplace provides direct, real-time access to product information and pricing, as well as detailed rating and comparison information about its participating vendors. The Tadaaa! file-sharing application allows users to exchange just about any file type (document, video, music, database, images or even spreadsheets) within a secure environment. The program's search technology is capable of searching within file content for metadata or to satisfy a variety of other, more complex kinds of queries. A white paper describing Thinkstream's Distributed Internet Architecture and the theoretical justifaction behind it (A Technology Review of the Next-Generation Internet Architecture: Thinkstream’s Distributed Internet Architecture -- 35 pages, Requires Adobe Acrobat) is also available for download.
Toadnode.com, LLC Toadnode.com, LLC. produces Toadnode, a free, multi-language, peer-to-peer file sharing application. Toadnode is compatible with Gnutella and works with computers running most versions of Windows. The most current version bundles Clip2 DSS (as part of its QuickConnect feature), which crawls the network and analyzes it to provide the best-positioned nodes on the network. The list is continuously refreshed, and all nodes are confirmed to be active.
Tripnosis, Inc. Tripnosis,Inc. is the maker of Tripnosis, a Peer-To-Peer file sharing system that allows users to search for, download, and share any type of file, including: MP3, ASF, WMA (windows media audio), WMV (windows media video), JPG, EXE, DLL, ZIP, images, photographs, and saved tracks and scenarios from games. Tripnosis also offers a built-in chat feature.
Vitaminic Vitaminic is become a larger player in the european digital music rights license and distribution market and has recently announced the acquisition of its London-based rival Peoplesound.com in a 34 million-euro deal. Vitaminic runs 10 locally-managed sites, in 8 different languages and claims to have over 2 million unique users every month. Vitaminic hosts a catalogue from over 700 labels, from the largest of majors to the smallest independents. Artists are encouraged to register and start taking advantage of the promotional opportunities it is making freely available. The "Vitaminic network of music" extends beyond the Vitaminic website itself to include some of Europe's major Internet portals, ISPs and mobile operator and its catalog is syndicated out to several major music channels including: Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, MTV and Gay.com. Vitaminic works with the music industry on its own terms, paying both performance and mechanical royalties, even got its free promotional downloads. Vitaminic claims it offers what amounts to Europe's first music download subscription service: the Vitaminic Music Club. Its Backstage service provides other free promotional opportunities for bands, artists and musicians.

Vitaminic embraces all industry standards of encryption and is also set up for broadband and wireless technologies. Vitaminic is designed to integrate non-intrusively into an artist's other existing online activities. Managed promotional campaigns across the Vitaminic network are free for Vitaminic Labels and include comprehensive linking and fan e-mail services. Vitaminic works on a completely nonexclusive basis and with no fixed term. A collection of great resources on the website include a nice listing of MP3 Software organized by Operating System. A FAQ is also provided.
WebDAV WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol being developed at the IETF to allow users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers. A recent trend towards running web servers everywhere (e.g., on laptops) means WebDAV can be used for file sharing and other P2P uses.

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