You'll shoot your iBook out!

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Peter Wiggin
Jan. 01, 2002 04:46 PM

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My friend Bruce, who shall remain nameless, said "F*ck you." He was of course expressing his joy and happiness about my purchase of an Apple iBook for myself this Christmas. He'd been eyeing one for a while, but I took the plunge. I needed a portable CD-burner for my IBM ThinkPad, and I decided to get one with a Mac iBook attached.

I am overjoyed at this new machine. I'm not ashamed to say that I've been a MS Windows user since version 1.0. I've also regularly used all varieties of operating systems including alot of unix variants and alot of different Macs -- but my primary computers have always been DOS/Windows boxes, even if they were just expensive terminal emulators.

Lately, I spend most of my development time on remote Linux boxes, but have yet to find a GUI and suite of applications for Linux that was as easy to use as Windows or a Mac. I've been hesitating for a long time in making the switch to Linux as my primary platform, and have had a rash of bad Windows experiences lately. Enter the iBook and OS X.

Finally there's a good Unix GUI, and it just so happens to be the Mac. There's also a lot more interesting software design and development occurring for the Mac: things like the Entourage e-mail client and the AppleScript support built in to the AIM client. In my 3+ days of using this machine, my hindsight has become a perfect 20/20. This decision was a no-brainer.

My nameless friend Bruce shouldn't fear though, I have a feeling a lot more people who have been stuck in the Windows world for a while, including him, will be making a Mac running OS X their next computer.

Peter Wiggin is an independent software developer specializing in Web technologies.