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Sam Ruby

Sam Ruby
May. 02, 2002 05:55 AM

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Paul Prescod has submitted a request for an ETCON BOF. Hopefully shortly the details will be posted here. Meanwhile I have a few suggestions for topics to be discussed.

Don Box commented that "If it takes three minutes for a response, it is not really HTTP any more".  In situations where responses may take five days, is it possible to apply the architectural style that made the web so successful, or is a new approach required?  Put another way, is REST tightly bound to HTTP or can the architectural principles it embodies be applied to other protocols?

When the request and response are sufficiently temporally separated, one essentially end up with the equivalent of UDP datagrams. Is it possible to layer on the equivalent of what TCP provides in terms of error recovery, flow control, and  reliability in such a context?

The REST wiki suggests that the REST architectural style is most closely related to that of  TupleSpaces.  One important difference is that in TupleSpaces the sender does not identify the recipient.  Data is addressed and routed based on content.  Is there a place for such a model in "Alternative Web Services Architectures"?

Sam Ruby is a prominent software designer who has made significant contributions to many of the Apache Software Foundation's open source software projects and to the standardization of web feeds via his involvement with the Atom web feed standard and the popular web service. He currently holds a Senior Technical Staff Member position in the Emerging Technologies Group of IBM.