CD-Rs Target of RIAA Press Release

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Lisa Rein

Lisa Rein
Aug. 23, 2001 05:13 PM

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According to an August 20th RIAA Press Release pre-recorded music sales are on the decline, and the RIAA is blaming CD recordables (CD-Rs).

Being able to make mix tapes is one of the nice things you can do for friends these days, when no one can really afford to buy retail recordings. However, to say that such recordings are cutting into commercial record sales would be jumping to some pretty hasty conclusions.

The RIAA needs to remember that the entire economy is in a slump, and that most people can barely pay rent and feed themselves right now much less spend $20 on a CD, no matter how much they'd like to buy it.

Here's a quote from RIAA President Hilary Rosen on the subject:

"Many in the music community are concerned about the continued use of CD-Rs (compact disc recordables) and we believe this issue deserves further analysis. A preliminary survey of tech savvy online music enthusiasts recently conducted for the RIAA showed that nearly one out of two consumers surveyed downloaded in the past month and nearly 70 percent burned the music they downloaded. All of this activity continues to show the passion of the consumer for music and the need for both legal protection and legitimate alternatives."


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