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Geoff Broadwell

Geoff Broadwell
Jul. 14, 2005 10:36 AM

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The first week of August I'll be in Portland for OSCON 2005. I haven't attended an OSCON since my employer paid for the team to go to OSCON in Monterey. (When was that? 1999? 2000?) This time, instead of just attending, I'll be blogging each day's sessions here. I'll be mostly following the Perl track, with a few other interesting bits thrown in for good measure.

OSCON these days is pretty big, with over a dozen tracks and far too many timeslots in which I wish I could be in several places at once. I'm sure there are other OSCON bloggers out there, and it occurs to me we could all live vicariously through each other by getting some good crosslinking going. Even when we have overlapping sessions, there's a decent chance we'll fill in each other's gaps.

I've only picked my tutorials so far (I'd welcome advice for the sessions):


Geoff Broadwell lives not far from O'Reilly headquarters in Santa Rosa, California, with a wonderful wife and daughter and four extremely spoiled cats. Geoff happily calls Perl the only computer language he ever really loved, having sampled a fair number before and since. He is on a personal mission to prove that dynamic languages are by far the best programming option for almost every purpose, and believes that the ultimate Linux distro of the future will contain little more than a kernel, an OpenGL and X server, the Parrot VM, and many, many Perl scripts.