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Four Cool Ways to Use Neural Networks in Games (6 tags)
For games, neural networks offer some key advantages over more traditional AI techniques, yet they are among the least familiar techniques to many developers. The authors of AI for Game Developers offer four compelling examples of how neural networks can be applied in games--as controllers, for threat assessment, in actions like attacking or fleeing, and in anticipation of actions.

Swarm Intelligence: An Interview with Eric Bonabeau (5 tags)
The concept of swarm intelligence is borrowed from nature, and in this interview with Eric Bonabeau, that's where the conversation begins--with ants and other social insects. Dr. Bonabeau takes us from his childhood nightmares of carnivorous wasps to applying the theories of swarm intelligence to solving real problems in the business world.

Working with Bayesian Categorizers (3 tags)
Bayesian classification has proved a powerful weapon against spam. Jon Udell tries to find out whether it can be put to use in other spheres of content categorization.