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Hash Crash Course (4 tags)
Most explanations of hashes use the metaphor of a dictionary. Most real-world code uses hashes for far different purposes. Simon Cozens explores some patterns of hashes for counting, uniqueness, caching, searching, set operations, and dispatching.

Using Bloom Filters (3 tags)
Perl hashes make set membership easy at the cost of memory usage. A lesser-known technique, Bloom filters, trades a tunable false-positive rate for compactness -- and has interesting applications for privacy concerns. Maciej Ceglowski explains the theory and practice of Bloom filters.

Building a Vector Space Search Engine in Perl (3 tags)
Have you ever wondered how search engines work, or how to add one to your program? Maciej Ceglowski walks you through building a simple, fast and effective vector-space search engine.

Implementing Flood Control (2 tags)
If the load of application relies on incoming events, you may eventually face the happy curse of popularity: too much work to do with your available resources. If you set a limit on how many events you can process within a time period, you can avoid the flood. Vladi Belperchinov-Shabanski explains the algorithm and demonstrates working code.