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Managing Your Dependencies with JDepend (6 tags)
Attributes like scalability and maintainability are qualitative in nature and hard to quantify, even hard to know until your code fails. But by analyzing dependencies between packages, JDepend gives you a way to measure how well-architected your code is.

iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks (2 tags)
The iPod shuffle is the easiest-to-use iPod to date. But that doesn't mean you can't customize how you listen and upload music. Scott Knaster shows you some very handy tips and tricks for the shuffle and iTunes 4.7.1.

Web Services: It's So Crazy, It Just Might Not Work (2 tags)
The web services hype machine promises us a "revolution" bringing another "paradigm-shift." Clay Shirky explores if, despite the overselling, there may just be something there -- or maybe not.