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We're experimenting with a folksonomy based on tag data provided by Follow development in this blog post.

Introducing (68 tags)
Matt Biddulph introduces, the social bookmarks manager, by showing us how to interact with it programmatically via Python.

Hacking Maps with the Google Maps API (61 tags)
Hari K. Gottipati introduces the Google Maps API and describes how to use it to build interactive mapping applications for the Web.

The Atom API (56 tags)
In his latest Dive into XML column Mark Pilgrim explains the basic operations of the Atom API, with special reference to the precedent APIs.

Dreaming of an Atom Store: A Database for the Web (32 tags)
In this month's The Restful Web column, Joe Gregorio draws together some disparate threads into a single, exciting idea: the Atom Store.

The New Bloglines Web Services (30 tags)
Marc Hedlund takes a look at the new Bloglines Web Services APIs and their effect on the RSS/Atom landscape, and presents a complete, three-pane desktop RSS/Atom reader written in just 150 lines of code with the Groovy programming language.