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Write Your Own Automator Actions (34 tags)
Tiger introduces Automator, which lets users string together preinstalled script steps--called Actions--into a workflow that can be run and saved. For developer types, these Actions are a convenient way to distribute scripts. And in this tutorial, Matt Neuburg shows you how to write your own.

Top Ten AppleScript Tips (31 tags)
AppleScript lets you control Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, and hundreds of other Mac programs with just a few lines of code. But if you think of AppleScript as just a nerdy workflow-automation tool, you're missing out on a lot of power. Truth is, AppleScript has lots of hidden tricks and timesavers built in -- and they all come for free with your Mac. Adam Goldstein, author of AppleScript: The Missing Manual, has hand selected ten of the most useful tips for making AppleScript work for you.

Syncing iTunes (14 tags)
What happens if instead of sharing your iTunes libraries, you want to keep multiple libraries synchronized? This should sound familiar to anyone with a laptop computer on the go and a desktop sitting at home. Throughout the course of the day, you tweak some playlists and would like to have those changes automatically reflected in your library at home. David Miller shows you how to sync up your music.

Introducing Mac::Glue (12 tags)
Now that Apple computers are all the rage again, we describe how the technically inclined can use Perl to script Mac applications.