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For SARS Press 1, for Bird Flu Press 2... (3 tags)
One of the key things we can do during a pandemic is to move in-person congregations and meetings online, creating electronic surrogates for daily social activities such as classes, business meetings, and social outings. Brian McConnell examines how organizations can use the latest telecom technology to help keep society functioning and diminish the spread of disease if this kind of a disaster takes place.

Constructing or Traversing URIs? (2 tags)
In his latest RESTful Web column, Joe Gregorio turns to an important design question: how will clients figure out the URIs of important resources in a Web service or app?

Catalyst (2 tags)
MVC frameworks are hot again in the web development world. Perl has a rich array of choices. One new contender is Catalyst, an elegant platform for database-backed applications. Developers Jesse Sheidlower and Sebastian Riedel explain the design goals and build an Ajax-powered wiki in 30 lines of code.

Multiuser Subversion (2 tags)
Your source code is too important to be left to chance. Having introduced Subversion, Rafael Garcia-Suarez demonstrates how to use it for multiuser, distributed projects. What can this modern, powerful source-control system do for you?