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Art and Computer Programming (89 tags)
One of the great theoretical debates in computer programming is "Is programming art?" There are creative components certainly, and aesthetic aspects occasionally, but do programming's functional concerns push it more toward craft or engineering? John Littler recently cornered several well-known hackers for their opinions on the subject.

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips (31 tags)
You have a digital camera and have taken the typical shots of family and friends. Now what? Here are ten tips to make your next batch of digital images so impressive that people will ask: "Hey, what type of camera do you have?" Guess what? It's not the camera.

Hacking Perl in Nightclubs (7 tags)
By editing Perl programs on-the-fly, in real-time, Alex Mclean is producing some really interesting computer music. He talks to about how it all works.

Display Your Favorite Album Artwork in iTunes (2 tags)
What good are a bazillion iTunes without the album art? Bring the two together again on your iPod photo. Wei-Meng Lee shows you how using two free programs: Clutter and For more useful tips and tricks for using your iPod photo, check out Wei-Meng's latest eDoc, All About Your iPod Photo (PDF).