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Asterisk: A Bare-Bones VoIP Example (115 tags)
Asterisk is both an open source toolkit for telephony applications and a full-featured PBX application. Learn how to configure a simple telephone system with Asterisk in this tutorial.

VoIP and POTS Integration with Asterisk (54 tags)
Learn how to configure an Asterisk system so that it can receive calls from other SIP clients and interoperate with both analog and VoIP telephony services.

The PBX Is Dead; Long Live VoIP (28 tags)
The private branch exchange has been the reference standard for business telephone systems for decades, but the technology is on the verge of obsolescence, thanks in large part to open source VoIP technology. Brian McConnell delves into Asterisk, a Linux-based open source softswitch, and why it may herald the end of PBX.

Building Your Own Teleconference System with Asterisk and Gizmo (28 tags)
In this companion article to For SARS Press 1, for Bird Flu Press 2..., learn how to set up an inexpensive teleconferencing system using Asterisk and Gizmo. Brian McConnell examines the requirements, provides sample configuration files, and offers some basic troubleshooting advice.

What Is Asterisk (20 tags)
Asterisk is an open source PBX (private branch exchange) that provides all the functionality of high-end business telephone systems, and much more. Brian McConnell explains how Asterisk works and where to get it, and provides an overview of its feature set and its platform capabilities.