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Dreaming of an Atom Store: A Database for the Web (104 tags)
In this month's The Restful Web column, Joe Gregorio draws together some disparate threads into a single, exciting idea: the Atom Store.

The Atom API (86 tags)
In his latest Dive into XML column Mark Pilgrim explains the basic operations of the Atom API, with special reference to the precedent APIs.

Atom Authentication (46 tags)
Mark Pilgrim explains why the Atom developers are using a new kind of authentication scheme, and he explains why it's necessary.

An Atom-Powered Wiki (31 tags)
As an example of implementing the Atom content management API, we set up a Wiki that can be accessed via Atom.

The Atom Link Model (26 tags)
In Mark Pilgrim's latest Dive Into XML column he explains the Atom linking model, which is based on the familiar HTML linking model but is more expressive and more flexible.