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ASP.NET Forms Authentication - Part 1 (22 tags)
In many Web applications, there is a need to authenticate users to allow them access to different parts of a site based on their credentials. This article by Abel Banda shows you how you can do this in ASP.NET with Forms Authentication.

Atom Authentication (18 tags)
Mark Pilgrim explains why the Atom developers are using a new kind of authentication scheme, and he explains why it's necessary.

Web FORM-Based Authentication (10 tags)
Dion walks you through the various security settings that can be set up in the Web Application framework, going into detail on how you can set up FORM-based authentication.

SAML 2: The Building Blocks of Federated Identity (9 tags)
Paul Madsen reports on the developments in web services security, including a new major release of SAML, which provides the basis for building federated identity.

Demystifying LDAP (8 tags)
Is LDAP a database or a protocol? Is it understandable and deployable without reading a thousand pages of explanation and documentation? Brian Jones untangles some of the myths and legends about LDAP to explain what it is, why it's useful, and how to put it to productive use.