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Write Your Own Automator Actions (92 tags)
Tiger introduces Automator, which lets users string together preinstalled script steps--called Actions--into a workflow that can be run and saved. For developer types, these Actions are a convenient way to distribute scripts. And in this tutorial, Matt Neuburg shows you how to write your own.

What Is Automator (and Can It Make Your Life Easier) (22 tags)
Automator provides an intuitive drag-and-drop workbench for quickly streamlining repetitive tasks. Here's a look at creating workflows and working around Automator's inherent limitations.

Data Munging with Sprog (3 tags)
Sprog is a graphical programming environment written in Perl, programmable by connecting components visually and setting their properties. Sure, you've heard that promise before--but Grant McLean demonstrates how to retrieve and munge tabular data from a web page into LDIF files without writing a lick of code.

Automator Automation - David Pogue's Podcast #3 (3 tags)
Listen to David Pogue cover Automator workflows that can help save on computing time. Learn how to use Automator to automate backups, zip up applications, and set alarms for automatic processing. (4 minutes, 26 seconds)