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J2EE Design Patterns (7 tags)
Design patterns are a way of bringing clarity to a system architecture; they allow for the possibility of better systems being built. This article covers how to identify and use design patterns in J2EE apps, specifically for the presentation layer.

Ten Essential Development Practices (5 tags)
Perl lets you be productive in everything from quick and dirty throwaway programs to big, business-critical applications. Building the latter requires some discipline, though. Damian Conway shares ten essential development practices to make your Perl programming easier, more reliable, and even more enjoyable.

The Top Ten Subversion Tips for CVS Users (2 tags)
If you've been contemplating a switch from CVS to Subversion, there's more to it than simply learning Subversion's new features. You'll need to unlearn some bad habits CVS has instilled in you as well. Brian Fitzpatrick, coauthor of Version Control with Subversion, offers ten Subversion tips that will help users break bad CVS habits and form good Subversion ones.

Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines (2 tags)
Hao He offers guidelines and best practices for implementing REST web services.

Top Ten Tips for Developing ColdFusion Components (2 tags)
ColdFusion Components, or CFCs, are a new construct in ColdFusion MX that allow you to move from totally procedural development to a more object-oriented approach. Because this represents a new paradigm for many ColdFusion developers, Robert Brooks-Bilson, author of Programming ColdFusion MX, 2nd Edition, has assembled a list of tips to keep in mind when developing with CFCs.