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Introduction to Bioinformatics (6 tags)
Bioinformatics is the intersection of molecular biology and computer science. For software developers, it’s a fascinating area in which to work. Mac OS X is gaining popularity in this arena, and this article introduces you to the concepts and opportunities related to bioinformatics.

Java APIs for Bioinformatics (4 tags)
An introduction to Java APIs for bioinformatics. This article includes usage information, examples, and current design challenges for API developers in the life sciences field.

Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics (2 tags)
In this introduction to comparative genomics, Robert Jones explains why this is an important endeavor in life sciences, then shows you how to start exploring this treasure trove of data.

Beginning Python for Bioinformatics (2 tags)
Python might not be the first language that comes to mind for bioinformatics, but Patrick O'Brien demonstrates that it's well suited for the task.