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From Weblog to CMS with WordPress (30 tags)
Weblog software is now so easy to use that almost anyone can keep a weblog up-to-date. In some cases, it's almost powerful enough to replace a more traditional content management system. John McCreesh describes how he replaced his CMS with WordPress to run a community site.

What We're Doing When We Blog (27 tags)
Many journalists who write about the blogging phenomenon miss some of the key elements of this medium. Meg Hourihan, a respected blogger herself, discusses both the structure and the intent of weblogging ... just to set the record straight.

The Atom API (25 tags)
In his latest Dive into XML column Mark Pilgrim explains the basic operations of the Atom API, with special reference to the precedent APIs.

Build Your Own Blogging Application, Part 2 (11 tags)
In part one, Matthew Russell showed you how to build a front end for your blogging app using Tcl/Tk and some XHTML fundamentals. Here in part two, he uses two parts Perl and a sprinkle of Bash to explain how to build the back end.