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More Advancements in Perl Programming (5 tags)
What's advanced Perl programming? The definition has changed over the years. For a while it was XS and GUIs and typeglobs and OO. Now a lot of it is using CPAN effectively. Since completing Advanced Perl Programming, Second Edition, Simon Cozens has discovered even more ways to work more smartly and effectively. Here's what he's learned.

Form Your Own Design Pattern Study Group (3 tags)
Like most complex subjects, design patterns are best learned over a period of time, not in a few sittings. Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Freeman, coauthors of Head First Design Patterns, suggest one way to ease the learning curve (and have some fun along the way): form a study group, using their book. If you're ready to get your engineering team together, the Freemans get you started in this article with a plan to follow and chapter-by-chapter questions to help generate discussion.

How We Wrote the Template Toolkit Book ... (2 tags)
When Dave Cross, Andy Wardley, and Darren Chamberlain got together to write the Perl Template Toolkit book, they decided to write it in Plain Old Documentation. Dave shows us how the Template Toolkit itself transformed that for publication.

Building J2EE Projects with Maven (2 tags)
Vincent Massol offers some real-life experience building J2EE applications with Maven. Using the example of a Petstore app, Massol shows you how to generate J2EE artifacts (EJB JARs, WARs, EARs) with Maven. He is coauthor of Maven: A Developer's Notebook.