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Books That Have Shaped How I Think (13 tags)
In 2004, I greatly expanded and updated this text for the print piece, Tim O'Reilly in a Nutshell. Here are a few of the books that have played a large role in my life.

Ten Essential Development Practices (5 tags)
Perl lets you be productive in everything from quick and dirty throwaway programs to big, business-critical applications. Building the latter requires some discipline, though. Damian Conway shares ten essential development practices to make your Perl programming easier, more reliable, and even more enjoyable.

Putting ISBNs to Work (4 tags)
Continuing his "Hacking the Library" series, Kendall Clark starts the implementation of a web service tool to retrieve Library of Congress identifiers given the ISBN of a book.

Hacking Books with Safari Web Services (3 tags)
Safari Books Online has opened up an API for web services. Paul Bausch takes a look at the new API and shows how to code a working RSS application.

Six Steps to LCC@Home (3 tags)
Continuing "Hacking the Library", Kendall Clark shows how to use the Library of Congress Classification on your own book collection.