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An AJAX Caching Strategy (52 tags)
Bruce Perry returns with another AJAX hack; this time he shows us how to use HTTP caching to support an AJAX-enabled web client.

ASP.NET Caching (18 tags)
Caching is an important concept in computing. When applied to ASP.NET, it can greatly enhance the performance of your Web applications. In this article, Wei-Meng Lee discusses some of the techniques for caching ASP.NET pages on the server side.

Six Things First-Time Squid Administrators Should Know (8 tags)
New users often struggle with the same frustrating set of idiosyncrasies involved in learning Squid, the popular web caching software. Duane Wessels, creator of Squid and author of Squid: The Definitive Guide, provides in-depth discussion on six things system administrators should know about using Squid from the get-go.

Two Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have (3 tags)
Web applications can greatly improve performance by caching previously generated content and compressing the data it sends to the browser. As Jayson Falkner explains, servlet filters make it easy to provide these features to servlets.

Caching Dynamic Content with JSP 2.0 (2 tags)
Server-side caching is a powerful and popular technique for improving the performance of server-side applications. After all, why compute twice what you can compute once and hang on to? Andrei Cioroianu shows you how to exploit this technique in JSP 2.0.