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Interactive Microcontent (5 tags)
Adding behavior to data can make it a lot smarter. In this article, Jon Udell explores and experiments with the DOM API for making small sections of web pages and XML documents interactive and productive.

Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV (4 tags)
Apple is more than happy to host your iCal calendars via its Dot-Mac service. But you can serve your own calendars, and even have them automatically update subscriber versions, by using WebDAV. Erik Ray shows you how.

Making Sense of Java's Dates (3 tags)
Measuring time is easy. Representing it is hard. Time zones, internationalization, and localization all make it tricky to give the correct date. Newer versions of the JDK have improved Java's date and time APIs, but they're still a little tricky. Philipp Janert explores date and time handling in Java.

Parsing iCal Data (2 tags)
Perl's suitability as a glue language allows you to connect two applications that wouldn't normally communicate by translating their data files between formats. It's especially nice when these are open file formats. Robert Pratte shows how to parse iCal data files--as used in Apple's iCalendar program--and visualize them using the open source Dot graphic package.