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Rapid Website Development with CGI::Application (38 tags)
Perl has a wealth of good web frameworks. One of the season's toolkits, CGI::Application, has recently seen a bout of new development to make building web apps faster and much easier. Mark Stosberg demonstrates these new features and how to use them.

Using Ajax from Perl (5 tags)
The recently rediscovered Ajax technique makes the client side of web programming much more useful and pleasant. However, it also means revising your existing web applications to take advantage of this new power. Dominic Mitchell shows how to use CGI::Ajax to give your Perl applications access to this new power.

Using CGI::Application (3 tags)
The Common Gateway Interface may well be the backbone of many web applications, but sometimes it can feel dry and monotonous to work with. If you're fed up with "my $query = CGI->new()", Jesse Erlbaum presents a kinder, gentler alternative.

Dispatching in a REST Protocol Application (3 tags)
Joe Gregorio, in his latest Restful Web column, shows us how to write dispatch code to handle REST requests.

Catalyst (2 tags)
MVC frameworks are hot again in the web development world. Perl has a rich array of choices. One new contender is Catalyst, an elegant platform for database-backed applications. Developers Jesse Sheidlower and Sebastian Riedel explain the design goals and build an Ajax-powered wiki in 30 lines of code.