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Accessing a Cisco Router (5 tags)
When you first purchase a Cisco router, you'll need to access the router via its console interface from a serial interface on your computer. Dru Lavigne shows you how to do this from FreeBSD.

Visualizing Network Traffic with Netflow and FlowScan (3 tags)
SNMP and MTRG can tell you what your network is doing, but they don't always give you the details you need. Netflow does--but sometimes a pretty graph says more than thousands of lines of log output. Fortunately, Michael W. Lucas shows how to use FlowScan and CUFlow with Netflow to see the traffic on your network.

Top Ten Cisco IOS Tips (2 tags)
Here are ten tips on working with Cisco IOS that can help both novices and experts, by James Boney, author of Cisco IOS in a Nutshell.