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Understanding Classloaders: log4j in a J2EE Environment (20 tags)
EJBs are a little different from the normal J2EE world. Part of that difference lies in the app server's classloaders. While demonstrating how to use log4j with EJB applications, Vikram Goyal explains how classloaders work and how to use them.

Inside Class Loaders: Debugging (17 tags)
Andreas Schaefer continues his examination of class loading in Java with a look at what can cause problems in advance class-loading scenarios and how to patch class loaders to help debug the problem.

Internals of Java Class Loading (4 tags)
When are two classes not the same? When they're loaded by different class loaders. This is just one of many curious side effects of Java's class-loading system. Binildas Christudas shows how different class loaders relate to one another and how (and why) to build your own custom class loader.

Inside Class Loaders (2 tags)
Class loading is a topic that separates the Java Jedi from his or her apprentice. Until you start working with multiple -- and potentially incompatible -- class loaders, you don't realize the trickiness of keeping classes straight. Andreas Schaefer's introduction will help expose how class loading works.

J2EE Application Deployment Considerations (2 tags)
The J2EE specification describes many things, but curiously leaves application deployment up to vendors. This means that you, the developer, have to consider architecture, maintainability, scalability, and other concerns. Allen Chan explores the issues to consider when packaging a J2EE app for deployment.