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Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques (38 tags)
MySQL Cluster is a powerful peering system to add high availability and replication across multiple database servers. It's not perfect, though. Using features of MySQL 5.0 and 5.1, it's possible to build a master/slave replication system with fail-over. Giuseppe Maxia shows how.

MySQL Federated Tables: The Missing Manual (9 tags)
A new MySQL storage engine allows you to use tables in remote servers as if they were local. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't explain much more than that. Fortunately, Giuseppe Maxia can explain everything you need to know to make federated tables work correctly and efficiently.

Session Replication in Tomcat 5 Clusters, Part 2 (8 tags)
In part two of his survey of session replication, Srini Penchikala gets down to raw numbers by comparing the effects of different sizes and styles of replication on cluster performance.

Improving Network Reliability with Keepalived (6 tags)
No matter how good the software, hardware eventually fails. Redundancy is an important way to keep your important services running smoothly. With the right software, you can even sleep through otherwise catastrophic network failures. Philip Hollenback demonstrates how to make your network robust by using Keepalived on multiple Linux routers.

Ten Tips for Building Your First High-Performance Cluster (5 tags)
Been meaning to build your very first high-performance Linux cluster, but fear the trials and tribulations? Joseph D. Sloan, author of High Performance Linux Clusters with OSCAR, Rocks, OpenMosix, and MPI, saves you the trouble with ten very helpful tips. Now you can get all of the cost effectiveness of high-performance clusters without all of the frustration.