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How to Write a Cocoa Web Server (38 tags)
Learn how to use NSSocketPort, NSFileHandle, and Cocoa notifications to write a server application without having to create a multi-threaded application. Jürgen Schweizer also shows how to use Core Foundation APIs to deal with the low-level details of the HTTP protocol in this working example of building a Cocoa web server.

The Cocoa Controller Layer (32 tags)
The controller layer is the confluence of several new and existing Cocoa technologies, including key-value coding, key-value observing, and key-value binding. In this tutorial, Mike Beam returns for a guest appearance to discuss NSController.

BYOB: Build Your Own Browser (30 tags)
WebKit is a fully functional set of web browsing components that developers can integrate into their Cocoa/Carbon applications. Andrew Anderson shows you how to get your hands dirty with this easy-to-use API.

An Introduction to RubyCocoa, Part 1 (25 tags)
RubyCocoa is a framework that provides a bridge between the Ruby programming language and the Cocoa framework. In this tutorial, Christopher Roach shows you how to use this tool by walking you through the steps for creating a simple GUI for the Unix tar program.

Building Cocoa-Java Apps with Eclipse (15 tags)
Eclipse is a gloriously powerful, open source IDE, which is a joy to use when working with Java. It makes sense, then, when writing Java-based Cocoa apps, to use Eclipse. But how? What does Eclipse know about the esoteric world of Cocoa-Java? Well, with a little help from Ant, the flexible build system, you can tell it everything it needs to know. Mike Butler shows you how.