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Rethinking Community Documentation (15 tags)
Good documentation makes good software great. Poor documentation makes great software less useful. What is good documentation, though, and how can communities produce it effectively? Andy Oram explores how free and open source software projects can share their knowledge with users and how publishers and editors fit into the future of documentation.

From Weblog to CMS with WordPress (7 tags)
Weblog software is now so easy to use that almost anyone can keep a weblog up-to-date. In some cases, it's almost powerful enough to replace a more traditional content management system. John McCreesh describes how he replaced his CMS with WordPress to run a community site.

Building Online Communities (4 tags)
It's easy to install and run a Web site or a mailing list. It's hard to run it well. The secret lies in understanding and adopting the best characteristics of several online communities.

The Commons Doesn't Have a Business Plan (4 tags)
The commons used to be a grassy area in the center of town where anyone could graze animals. Now it's a metaphor for anything available to everyone without restriction. Andy Oram argues that this is the ground from which new businesses spring--and that open source and free software are the wellspring for new software and technology.

Apple Watch (3 tags)
Micah Dubinko examines how Apple is influencing XML and RSS, for better and for worse.