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Top Ten Tips for Developing ColdFusion Components (3 tags)
ColdFusion Components, or CFCs, are a new construct in ColdFusion MX that allow you to move from totally procedural development to a more object-oriented approach. Because this represents a new paradigm for many ColdFusion developers, Robert Brooks-Bilson, author of Programming ColdFusion MX, 2nd Edition, has assembled a list of tips to keep in mind when developing with CFCs.

Creating Custom Desktop Components (2 tags)
Swing includes a vast collection of GUI components, but sometimes you need something that's unique to your application. Andrei Cioroianu returns with an installment on how to code your own Swing widget.

Creating Custom .NET Controls with C# (2 tags)
When you need more functionality than .NET's built-in controls supply, it's time to roll your own. With the Control and UserControl classes, it's surprisingly simple.

What Is Spring, Part 2 (2 tags)
In part one of this two-part excerpt from Spring: A Developer's Notebook, authors Bruce Tate and Justin Gehtland showed you how to automate a simple application and enable it for Spring. Today, the authors will cover how to use Spring to help you develop a simple, clean, web-based user interface.

What Is Spring, Part 1 (2 tags)
In this first of a two-part series excerpted from Spring: A Developer's Notebook, authors Bruce Tate and Justin Gehtland help you understand how you can use Spring to produce clean, effective applications. In part 1, they take a simple application and show you how to automate it and enable it for Spring.