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Top Ten Tomcat Configuration Tips (10 tags)
How can you configure Tomcat to do what you want it to do? Jason Brittain, coauthor of O'Reilly's Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, provides tips and configuration examples that cover frequently asked questions from newbies about configuring Jakarta Tomcat.

Option and Configuration Processing Made Easy (7 tags)
Many useful programs take arguments and configuration options. It's easy to add one or two, but as your program grows, the difficulty of allowing configuration concisely and intelligently also grows. Jon Allen demonstrates how to unify argument and configuration processing in a way that lets you write good code and your users get on with their work.

Advanced Configuration of the Spring MVC Framework (5 tags)
Storing your Spring configuration files in source control makes perfect sense--until you and the rest of the development team start overwriting each other's settings, or production settings, in applicationContext.xml. In this article, Dejan Bosanac introduces an approach that allows for more flexible property settings and bean wirings.

Building a FreeBSD Build System (4 tags)
Keeping a single BSD system up to date is relatively easy. Keeping a whole business full of servers fresh with patches and new applications and updates is more work--unless you take advantage of the ports system. Bjorn Nelson walks through the design and implementation of a build system usable to push fresh binaries to as many servers as you have.

Start Me Up: Writing and Understanding OS X StartupItems (4 tags)
StartupItems are easy to set up and extremely flexible in managing the startup process. Andrew Anders shows how StartupItems fit into the OS X startup process, what you need to do to create a StartupItem, and an example of a StartupItem that will run the Tomcat Java servlet engine.