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Smart Pointers in C++ (5 tags)
C++ is a powerful language that allows fine-grained control over almost all aspects of your program. Of course, low-level code has its disadvantages too. Manual memory management can be complex and difficult to get right. Fortunately, the RAII idiom and smart pointers can help you write correct and efficient code. Julio M. Merino Vidal demonstrates.

C++ Memory Management: From Fear to Triumph (4 tags)
With modern memory-managed languages, is there any reason to program in C or C++ anymore? George Belotsky says yes. Even a brilliant memory-management scheme may not fit your particular application. In the first of three articles, George examines common memory errors in C++.

Regular Expressions in C++ with Boost.Regex (2 tags)
Searching and parsing text can be a messy business, especially in C++. Instead of building your own token-based state machine, spend an hour learning regular expressions and use a good package such as the regular expression library from the Boost library. Ryan Stephens demonstrates how to match, search, and parse text with Boost.Regex in C++.

What Is an Iterator in C++, Part 1 (2 tags)
Ryan Stephens provides an overview of the iterator pattern, then dives into what an iterator is in C++, first by looking at iterators in general, and then showing how to implement them in C++. Ryan is a coauthor of O'Reilly's C++ Cookbook.