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Secure RSS Syndication (28 tags)
Joe Gregorio hacks a Greasemonkey script to make his browser decrypt a Blowfish-encrypted RSS channel on the fly.

Userspace Filesystem Encryption with EncFS (4 tags)
Laptops and removable storage devices are convenient both for users and for thieves. While you can't always protect the device from wandering away, you can protect the data. EncFS, a user-level encrypted filesystem in a file, makes this possible. KIVILCIM Hindistan explains how.

Symmetric Cryptography in Perl (3 tags)
What do you think of when you hear the word "cryptography"? Big expensive computers? Men in black helicopters? PGP or GPG encrypting your mail? Maybe you don't think of Perl. Well, Abhijit Menon-Sen says you should. He's the author of a bunch of the Crypt:: modules, and he explains how to use Perl to keep your secrets... secret.

Deploying a VPN with PKI (2 tags)
Security and convenience often conflict with each other. It'd be nice to have access to your office network from anywhere, but you can't trust the Internet. Virtual private networks are one solution. Scott Brumbaugh explains how to deploy a VPN using OpenVPN and OpenSSL.

An Unencrypted Look at FileVault (2 tags)
FileVault has generated as much discussion as any of Panther's new features. Is it right for you? François Joseph de Kermadec unlocks this new feature and shows you around.