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C# Generics (5 tags)
The single most anticipated (and dreaded?) feature of Visual C# 2.0 is the addition of Generics. Jesse Liberty shows you what problems Generics solve, how to use them to improve your code, and why you need not fear them.

Programming C#: Attributes and Reflection (4 tags)
NET applications contain code, data, and metadata. Metadata is information about the data--that is, information about the types, code, assembly, and so forth--that is stored along with your program. This excerpt from Chapter 18 of Programming C# will explore how some of that metadata is created and used.

Top Ten Traps in C# for C++ Programmers (3 tags)
There are a number of features in C# that are potential traps for the unwary C++ programmer. Learn about the ten most dangerous in this article by Jesse Liberty, author of O'Reilly's Programming C#, 2nd Edition.

New Language Features in C# 2.0, Part 2 (2 tags)
The first part of this series introduced three new C# language features: anonymous methods, iterators, and partial types. In this second part, Matthew MacDonald tackles the last and most exciting new feature: Generics.

C# Iterators (2 tags)
If you are creating a class that looks and behaves like a collection, it is handy to allow your users to iterate through the members of your collection with the foreach statement. This is easier to do in C# 2.0 than it is in 1.1. In this new column by Jesse Liberty, he shows you what is coming up in .NET 2.0 to make this common task easier.