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Converting from CVS to Subversion with cvs2svn (43 tags)
With cvs2svn, you can easily migrate all the data out of your CVS repository when you move to Subversion. Brian Fitzpatrick walks through the conversion process--from deciding how much data to take with you, to prepping your data, to reviewing the most common options you'll use. If you're in Europe later this month, Brian will be tackling how to use Subversion in open source development at O'Reilly's EuroOSCON.

The Top Ten Subversion Tips for CVS Users (33 tags)
If you've been contemplating a switch from CVS to Subversion, there's more to it than simply learning Subversion's new features. You'll need to unlearn some bad habits CVS has instilled in you as well. Brian Fitzpatrick, coauthor of Version Control with Subversion, offers ten Subversion tips that will help users break bad CVS habits and form good Subversion ones.

Keeping Your Life in Subversion (30 tags)
Revision control is great for collaborative projects and distributed projects. How well does it work for individuals? According to Joey Hess, fantastically. He's kept his home directory under revision control for years--here's how he does it with Subversion.

CVS Administration (21 tags)
Jennifer Vesperman explains how to create and manage a CVS repository.

Making the Jump to Subversion (12 tags)
Subversion can run standalone or on a network as a repository server with multiple clients. The preferred client/server configuration uses Apache and WebDAV for network communication. It's a powerful alternative to CVS, and Adam Swift shows you the ins and outs in this tutorial.