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Simplify Business Logic with PHP DataObjects (2 tags)
Are you sick of writing the same SQL over and over in your application? Would you like to simplify and unify your access to the same tables in multiple places? DataObjects may be for you. Darryl Patterson demonstrates how to write and use DataObjects in PHP.

iBatis DAO (2 tags)
The J2EE Data Access Object pattern calls for encapsulating access to a data source behind an API, giving you the freedom to change implementations or use different persistence strategies for different operations. As Sunil Patil shows, the Apache iBatis DAO framework helps you develop such a strategy.

Working with Hibernate in Eclipse (2 tags)
Jim Elliott was curious about whether anyone had written plugins to work with Hibernate in Eclispe, as he'd just finished writing Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook. It turns out there are several such efforts underway. In this article, Jim explores Hibernate Synchronizer--a plugin that automatically updates your Java code when you change your mapping document.